Showing a Lot of Heart for the Game


Arlette Chama

Senior Fabian Morales was dribbling the ball as freshman Joshua Zatarain was getting closer. Fabian Morales decided to kick the ball to his teammate

Kimberly Garnica, Journalist

On January 10th, the boys soccer team went up against Big Bear with confidence. While the Jags were on the field, sophomore Julien Pineda said he noticed that the jags had chemistry and communication. The Bears had more determination to win, only having ten players on their team. On the other hand, the Jags seemed very confident, like they weren’t even trying. During second quarter, the Bears were tired and couldn’t try as hard due to not having many subs. Freshman Bryan Chavez stated: ”Having only ten players did affect us because we had to run more than we [were used] to. It affected me as well because I couldn’t pass the ball to anyone.” The coaches then made a decision to have the Bears forfeit. Jags’ Soccer Team Coach Robert Kelsey said: “It was a big mismatch. Unfortunately for them, we ended the game a little bit early because they had two more injuries. Playing a full squad against them, the coach didn’t think it wasn’t going to be fair anymore.” Senior Luis Bonilla an 11 year soccer veteran in his last year believed that the Bears should have continued the game and not let their heads down.

Arlette Chama
Junior Jason Yi tries to get the ball away from Freshman Bryan Chavez as Junior Oscar Serrano makes sure to block him from going anywhere. Chavez was quickly searching for any of his team mates to whom he could pass the ball.

Junior Roy Ponce doesn’t blame the Bears for forfeiting. “It was tough obviously on their part. They were playing men down, and they also had some injuries towards the end of the game. I don’t blame them. They showed a lot of heart towards the end of the game. They could have given up right away before, but they did the best they could.” Overall, it was a good game for both teams. The result was 10-0 in favor of the Jags with Big Bear forfeiting after coaches from both teams decided it was the best course of action.