Leaving the Crowd Surprised


Kimberly Garnica

Junior Marlene Moraila was wrestling for the ball against a Knight during second quarter

Kimberly Garnica, Journalist

Kimberly Garnica
Marlene Moraila was trying to run toward the basket without the Knights taking it away

As the game got intense on the University Preparatory court, the crowd screamed at their team to take a shot or to get the ball leaving only 10 seconds on the clock. On Friday the 20th, the Knights surprised fans when one of the members of the Knights shot a hoop from half court to earn three points, creating a tie with only five seconds on the clock. The AAE supporters screamed with happiness seeing they would get another quarter and a chance to win. Junior Leila Sandoval said, “That the shot was crazy because she really just made that throw.”

The Lady Jags looked nervous yet determined to win. Sophomore Kaylyn Ha was hurt in the eye during the game, but this didn’t stop her from coming back. She stated that getting hurt made her try harder because she knew it put her at a disadvantage, feeling a little dizzy at first. As the fifth quarter came to an end, the Lady Jags won by three points, 42-39. After the game, Senior Erika Davis felt they could have done better. Davis said, “We should have blown them out. We should’ve tried harder. There are a lot of things we could’ve done, but over all we won and our team came through first.”

Kimberly Garnica
Junior Dejaneira Valenzuela was trying to find a teammate to pass the ball to her, while trying to dodge the Knights. Bibi Rodriquez was behind her trying to make herself open.