Frozen II: A Review


Sarah Martinez

Many Frozen fans rushed to the movie theaters to catch a glimpse at the ravishing sequel, it's beautiful visuals, and music.

Sarah Martinez, Journalist

Disney released the Frozen sequel six years after its initial release in 2013 titled Frozen II, of course. The majority of people who watched Frozen when it first came out were enchanted by the song, ‘Let it Go.’ Frozen II gives children yet another song to sing and dance to, the ultimate mood booster, “Into the Unknown.” 

Many were surprised by the second installment to the Frozen franchise, including seventh grader Charlotte Fernandez. “I was excited to see that Frozen came out with a second movie and to see what would happen with Anna and Kristoff,” she stated with a smile running across her face. It seemed like Fernandez was not the only one excited for the movie’s sequel. Sophomore Anjelo Go shared his initial reaction to the announcement, “I was pretty hyped and started singing some Frozen songs.” 

The question remains; which movie is superior? “I liked the second one better than the first.” Fernandez said finally. Anjelo agreed, saying “I honestly think the movie is better than the first for sure.” So it seems like Jaguars are taking a liking to the second movie rather than the 2013 original. Whether or not there will be a third part to the Frozen universe, there’s no doubt that Jaguars will continue supporting the Disney franchise wholeheartedly.