Half Time Hoopla: Ironing it All Out

Sophomore Ashley Canizalez shows off her Color Guard apparel.

Tayler Avila

Sophomore Ashley Canizalez shows off her Color Guard apparel.

Tayler Avila, Journalist

For the first time ever, the flag team will be performing at basketball games. But what’s going to happen to the cheer team who have done the halftime show for many years? Many cheerleaders were concerned about the amount of time they would have if they shared their halftime, but the flag team just wanted to perform and show off their skills, just like them. Overall, cheerleaders want their full time to perform and the flag team want the same. As a result of many meetings, the final decision was that the flag team will perform before games and the cheer team will perform during their normal time: half time.

In September, there was a meeting with cheer-leading coach Ms. Price, senior Miah Alamillo, senior Elyzza Rodriguez, and flag advisor Danielle Tess. When asked about what was said during the meeting, senior Miah Alamillo summarized that “Ms. Coates pitched the idea for flag to perform before games and I pitched that they perform during half with cheer to get more stage time.” She later explained that Ms. Coates warned her about the problems of sharing half time, such as getting their performance time taken away from them, but Alamillo didn’t mind sharing the half time.

Sophomore flag member Alex Arreola, who wasn’t in the meeting, said, “I don’t really care what time we perform. I just think it’s cool that we get this chance, so it doesn’t bother me.” Many other flag teammates agree with her; they just want to perform and get the credit they deserve. In addition, freshman cheerleader Melody Herrera Garcia said, “I’m excited to be able to see something new at the games. I know they’re going to do great no matter what time they perform.” The cheer team is very supportive of what the flag team has to offer and they only wish the best for them.

The half time tradition will continue but a new tradition will be put into play. Their first shared basketball game will be in January. If people have the chance, they should get there early to see the flags fly.