University Prep’s Biggest Allies


Naretzi Velasquez

Sophomore Emma Aquino (#13) blocks the other team as junior Marlene Moraila (#21) goes up to their side to make a layup.

Naretzi Velasquez, Journalist

On December 13th, the University Preparatory Girls Varsity Basketball team ran out onto the court, putting their best effort to play against the Cobalt Institute of Math and Science. Riverside Prep isn’t the only rival the Jaguars have; it is the Cougars as well.

When arriving to the rival’s house, the lady Jaguars were ready and going over the plays of what they needed to be careful about on the court. The buzzer went off, and the Jaguars ran on the court, ready to take on their rivals. 

It started as usual; junior Dejaneria Valenzuela (#15) on the jump ball passed it over to one of the Jaguars. At first, the Jaguars were having a tough time trying to make a basket but they won the first quarter. The Jaguars did not want to lose to their rivals so they worked on their defense, but they had trouble with throws and they ended up tying 11-11 (Jaguar to Cougars). 

To get rid of the tie, they put full force onto their game, but it caused one senior Delaney Torres (#10) to get hurt, explaining, “It sucks that I don’t get to play for the rest of the game or for next week.” 

The Jaguars lost their player but that didn’t stop them; this meant they had to put more effort into the game so they ended up winning quarter three. 

They continued with this effort and some fouls, but they won the game with the score of 32-26 (Jaguars to Cougars). Junior Elaine Chavez (#12) was caught after the game, “It was really nerve-racking, and they also talk negative upon the basketball team so it was overwhelming and I was nervous.”

 Even though the girls were nervous, they took win home.