Merry Christmas From Netflix: Dozens of New Releases Coming Right Before the Holidays


Daniella Rodriguez

This Netflix Original is coming back very soon! Freshman Sanskriti Sehgal is super excited to be able to see this outer-worldly show, even if it is later than she had hoped for. "Since I found out about season two, I wish it came earlier."

Daniella Rodriguez, Journalist

Netflix is ending off the decade with a boom, and they are releasing dozens of new episodes, shows, and movies. Not all of them are very well known, but they have many that are sure to capture people’s attention. Netflix is releasing new material day by day, so you may have to wait for whatever you’ve been wanting to watch. 

If you’re a fan of the Netflix Original “Lost In Space”, your wait for a new season will soon be over. It’s been over a year since this capturing show was first added to the brilliant list of Netflix Originals. This semi-short series came out on April 13th last year, and has since been gaining new fans. Having been left off with a cliff-hanger, many fans were eagerly awaiting a second season. Luckily, Netflix announced that season two is set to be released on none other than Christmas Eve. December 24th is sure to be an exciting day for Lost In Space fans everywhere. Freshman Sanskriti Sehgal is super excited for the show’s comeback. “I always check on Netflix everyday, I love the show. I found out about season two and I wish it came earlier. The cliffhanger on season one was super good.”

Netflix is not only bringing new episodes and seasons to its viewers, it’s also reviving one show in particular. Netflix is bringing back the gag anime: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. This anime was taken over by Netflix, and they produced six more episodes which will be released much later on in December. This six episode revival will be coming to Netflix December 30th. The fans of this comedy were very surprised and thrilled to hear that the show was coming back once more, even if it’s only six episodes. 

There are so many new shows and movies coming to this streaming service in the next few weeks and are definitely worth checking out. Christmas break is coming soon, which means it’s a perfect time to pick a new show to binge watch!