Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop


Naretzi Velasquez

Jordan Bateman #14 watches Diego Martinez #20 block one of the other players.

Naretzi Velasquez, Journalist

On December 11th, the University Preparatory Boys Varsity Basketball team ran out onto the court, putting their best effort into playing against Excelsior. This was their second league game, but this was not the first time that they played against the Eagles. 

Before the start of the game, the Jaguars’ music began to play and they mentally and physically started to prepare themselves. Once the music started, so did the excitement. Walking onto the court, the boys looked out into the crowd and ran out to them, the crowd cheering them on. With the beat of the song, the boys began forming their layup lines and getting ready for their game. 

The game truly began, though, with the sound of the first buzzer.

As the first quarter went on, it started differently then usual; the boys putting a lot of energy into the start of the battle against the Eagles. They usually played on the loose side, to not get tired; but if they wanted to win, they had to play tough. There were multiple fouls between the teams. but the Jags had won the first quarter. 

As they continued with good communication and good defense, the Jaguars stayed in the lead by a decent amount. Junior Geovanni Middleton (#13) , was on the court, putting in his full effort, but he was not in great condition. He explained, “We practice really hard and serious. We didn’t play as usual but I was feeling sick playing.” That didn’t stop him and he and the Jaguars lead the second and the third quarter. 

There were only ten seconds until the final buzzer and both the Eagles and Jaguars had gave the game their all; the Jaguars were winning, but the Eagles made a basket that tied the score and moved the game into overtime.

With the additional four minutes on the clock, everyone was on the edge of their seats, waiting to see who would come out on top. The players heard the crowd cheering and screaming, but unfortunately for the Jaguars, they lost by a score of 66-69 (Jaguars to Eagles).

The Jaguars really wanted to win the game, but they tried to see the bright side and have a positive attitude about the next game, like Shiloh Emmanuel (#12), who was caught after the game saying, “I feel really excited, Excelsior is a challenge. This game we came short but next game I believe we will be a lot better.”