Winter Concert: December 13


Ethan Bunn

Alejandra Pena 11, Isabel Bernal 11, and Ashley Marroquin 12 performing their short choreography for the piece “Ritmo” during their concert on Friday 13, 2019.

Ethan Bunn, Journalist

Day two of University Prep’s Winter Concerts was filled with high energy and high expectations from its performers. From the members of beginning choir having their first performance, to Madrigals and Advanced Strings’ veteran members playing some of their favorite pieces in front of an onlooking audience, this concert was sure to be entertaining. 

The concert began with beginning choir, a large group of mostly seventh and eighth graders. Being so young, they obviously had a few reservations about performing in front of such a large audience. For most of them, this was their first performance ever, and was not surprisingly a bit nerve wracking for them. When asked about how she was feeling before the performance, seventh grader Moniqua Jimenez said she was “terrified” to sing in front of so many people. This young group did not let their nerves get the best of them though, as they put on a great concert that the audience loved.

Next onto the risers was Intermediate Choir. For them, this was a walk in the park. Having no reservations about their performance, they sang their prepared pieces without hesitation or pause. 

For Madrigals though, things weren’t so simple. When asked about rehearsals, Junior Natalia Jimenez mentioned feeling a little unprepared. “We only got to rehearse two time with the pianist and the first time was our performance at Barnes and Noble, so we were just kind’ve put on the spot.” She went on to say, “I think we were well prepared for our songs, but for our entrances and exits, I don’t think we were prepared at all.” Junior Isabel Bernal held the same feelings, saying it was, “Challenging,” having so little time to rehearse. Nevertheless, Madrigals put on an amazing concert, and from an audience members point of view, it looked and sounded flawless. In a follow up interview, Natalia Jimenez said that the group, “…pulled it together really well and we really worked well with the accompanist and she was really like, adjusting to our tempos and our rhythms so it was really good.” 

Last but certainly not least was Advanced Strings, a school favorite headed by Mr. O’Rane. Their performance, as usual, was an energetic and well put together compilation of the groups favorite pieces. From an audience member’s point of view, their performance went off without a hitch. However, Junior Vivian Martinez did not feel the same, saying, “In all honesty, I think we could’ve done a lot better. We sound a lot better in class.” Despite having low spirits about their performance, Advanced Strings garnered a loud roar of applause at the end of their concert, leaving the audience with an amazing end to the full two hour concert. 

Overall, the Winter concerts held last Friday went smoothly. While there was some critiques to be had by the performers themselves, each group greatly exceeded expectations during their performances. Their dedication to music and love of performing shown through their nervousness and was the real highlight of the night.