Communication is Key in a Team


Ashley Sanchez

Junior Jason Yi (#8), junior Justin Lee (#20), and freshman Nicholas Ceballos (#16) keeping their eyes on the ball during their match against Silverado High School on December 9, 2019. Lee commented, "We're all still getting used to working together, it's just a process."

The University Prep boys soccer team played against Silverado High School on Monday, November 9th, 2019. The Hawks defeated the Jags with a score of 9-2. However, just this past weekend, the Jaguars took two wins against Riverside Prep (4-1) and Barstow High School (5-1). So what was the reason for the loss against Silverado?

According to Junior Justin Lee (#20), “Half of the team gave up after the score was 5-1. So that threw off the other half of the team. We could have caught up since we had a strong start.” Less than a minute into the game, the Jags scored their first goal against the Hawks. “But communication is really important for the team. In my position, I kind of have the responsibility to be loud since I’m the last guy. I oversee the whole field. If there’s no communication, problems like mis-positioning happen,” Lee continued, “We’ve only played a few games, so the team is still getting used to each other. Chemistry is important to build the communication we need. We do that by talking, making friends playing together, and just hanging out more in general.”

The team captain, Junior Roy Ponce (#14), would agree with Lee. Nearing the end of the game, as the team was losing hope and energy, Ponce shouted and clapped from the field, “Let’s go! Let’s finish this game. It’s not over yet.” As the last few minutes of the game hit, the Jags scored the final goal.

After the game ended, Coach Kelsey gave his final input on the team’s performance. “There should not be 20 different perspectives on how to run this team,” Kelsey remarked, adding to the communication factor of the boys, “That’s not how this team works, but you guys need to realize that for yourselves.”

Although University Prep lost to Silverado, it was clear that the Jags were determined to leave their mark in the end and pulled through. Through building chemistry and effective communication, the boys will come back stronger with every game to come.