Jose Luevano: The Comeback of the Season

Though having to sub out for a short while due to complications with his lung, Jose Luevano (#19) comes back with commendable force and continues to give the game his all. According to Luevano, "Choosing to try out for soccer has been one of the best choices I've made," referencing his choice to join for the first time since recovery, "There's always that part of me that is scared to go back to the hospital, but I'd rather play than just lay around and not see what I can truly do."

The high school experience for most teenagers is filled with many exciting milestones for them to carry for many years post-graduation. One of these familiar activities is engaging in a sports team. The thrills of playing a favorite sport is at an all-time high during adolescence, considering the body is at near peak performance at this age. But picture this: You’re having the time of your life playing the sport you love when suddenly your body prevents you from continuing to play because of a health condition. For many dedicated young athletes, this would be the unthinkable. What happens then? Should one just give up?

Senior Jose Luevano said otherwise. And he proved it.

As recounted by Luevano, he began playing soccer around 9 years old, and was on a very successful team, earning second place in nationals. According to Luevano, “But as time went on, my passion for the game began to fade. That caused me to make the choice that basically ended my soccer career.” After a soccer game, Luevano joined his friends in a game of basketball. The game took an unfortunate turn of events, leaving Luevano with a broken arm. After the accident, Luevano took a break from soccer, thinking this was the worst of his problems, but he was in for an unlucky surprise.

While completing his usual morning routine, Luevano recalls, “I got the worst chest pain in my life,” Not thinking much of it at first. But as the day progressed, “It was getting more difficult to breathe. I ended up telling my mom and we went to the hospital.” To his dismay, Luevano was told that his lung had collapsed. More shockingly, this occurred 5 more times. The reason was unknown.

But Luevano did not let this kill his athletic desire. After his last surgery, the determined athlete steadily got back into the motion of his usual physical activities before the accident. After years of undeviating recovery, Luevano decided to try out for the soccer team, not expecting to make it.

Ashley Sanchez
Senior Jose Luevano (#19) struggles to go up against two players of the opposing team during the game against Victor Valley on November 21st, 2019. Shortly after, Luevano subbed out due to complications with his recovering lung. Although he is doing much better regarding his health, Luevano still faces occasional challenges.

Luevano is now spending his final year of high school fulfilling the passions that he has carried since a little boy, playing on the University Prep soccer team as number 19. Luevano shows what the defining quality of not only athletes is, but leaders as well: Despite being put at a disadvantage, he did not give up. He persevered and made the strongest comeback of the season. As expressed by the Zen Proverb, “Obstacles do not block the path. They are the path.”