Coffee with the Principal 12/3


Jessind Caro

Mrs. Hatcher discussing the December calendar.

Jessind Caro, Journalist

Almost every Tuesday, Mrs. Hatcher holds a meeting with parents discussing school events and all activities going on. They call it “Coffee with the Principal.” It’s a great way to keep parents in the loop. The environment is very welcoming, “Welcome back everyone, hope you all had a wonderful break.” said Mrs. Hatcher to start off the meeting. The parents interacted with one another and of course share a cup of coffee with snacks. 

They discuss many topics. For example, activities that may go on during the month or months to come. Parents ask questions and even have a calendar handout that they may write on. For this month they discussed the Christmas Parade on December 7, Christmas Concerts from December 12-14, the SAT/ACT, and parents continued reading a book Mrs Hatcher brought. 

“The Bullying Breakthrough” is the book read by the parents and Mrs. Hatcher. They first read then discuss. In this meeting, they read over Chapters 2 and 3. The parents ask how Mrs. Hatcher deals with any type of bullying on campus, and parents even put in their own opinions to help her out. 

To end the meeting, they all agreed that students need to be taught to speak up and have an adult to come talk to whether it’s a counselor or teacher. These meetings are the first Tuesday of every month, so make sure to tell your parents to join in the next meeting!