End of an Era


Kimberly Garnica

Sophomores Vallerie Trevino and Alex Arreola were telling jokes to make each other laugh as the waited in line.

Kimberly Garnica, Journalist

As the school day ended, students reported to Mrs. Porter’s class for the End of an Era event. High school students went to the event and saw a long line to get a ticket, hot chocolate, and most importantly to many students: extra credit. What could be better during this time of year when the weather is chilly, the year is hitting double 20s, and finals are around the corner?

Kimberly Garnica
Seniors Kassandra Aguirre and her friend Ashley Marroquin were leaving after signing their name to get extra credit. While Senior Eric Vo was standing in line waiting to sign in. Sophomore David  Marquez was only standing in the back looking at his friend

Most of the students left right away after signing their names for the credit, while others were chilling with their friends on the grass outside of the classroom. After receiving the credit most students came for, they didn’t see the point in sticking around in the weather that day. 

Freshman Elena Jimenez emerged from the long line that students waited in for the afternoon: “I don’t really mind waiting in line because in the end it pays off. I really want the extra credit.”