Cool Times at Winter Chill


Shanelle Diaz-Cruz

8th grader Isabella Gomez dances at Winter Chill with other 7th and 8th graders.

Shanelle Diaz-Cruz, Journalist

Shanelle Diaz-Cruz
7th grader Jalene Gonzales and 7th grader Aaliya Darling enjoy a card game while they wait for the dance floor to open. 8th graders Florence Moreno and Dalia Cruz calmly play a game of connect 4 as they wait as well.

The Jr. High hosted event, Electric Nights Winter Chill, was a cool way to start the night. The event took place in the multi-purpose room on Friday, December 6. Many 7th and 8th graders where lining to get their tickets and get in once they arrived. 

When students first arrived, they noticed all the glow sticks and games that were placed on the table. Before the dance started, many students like 7th grader Jalene Gonzales and 7th grader Aaliyah Darling were enjoying a game of cards waiting for the dance floor to open. Once it did, students were slowly going together with their friends to dance. It wasn’t until an hour into the event when the dance floor was starting to fill up. 

As soon as the clock hit 5 o’ clock, the lights were turned off and students brought their glow sticks that were left on the table, many students were enjoying themselves as they danced to various types of music like Kpop, Banda, Merengue, Pop and more. Line dancing came around and many students participated during the song ‘Payaso Del Rodeo’, the famous line dance song; many were lost. They laughed it off and tried their best. Many students danced the night away until the clock struck 6 and sadly, they had to leave.

 7th grader Estefany Lopez enjoyed the night hanging out with her friends and said, “I enjoyed the dance very much! I really enjoy school events.” 

7th grader Jordyn Ross danced the night away and enjoyed the energy that the students had. “I loved it! The music and the energy in the room was amazing. I am hoping to come to more events like this one.”

8th grader and ASB member Karime Granados enjoyed the night like many others but thought that Jr. High ASB could’ve done better. “I did enjoy it but I feel like ASB could’ve improved. I think we could have improved with songs because at first no one really seemed like they were enjoying themselves and I feel like the DJ could’ve stopped remixing the songs a lot because some people wanted to hear one song but it would get changed. We should have also gotten more food because we ran out pretty quickly.”

 The Jr. High ASB advisor, Ms.Moses, hopes to plan more events like Winter Chill. She explained the plans they have in the making and how long it took for ASB to plan an event like Winter Chill. “It took two and a half months to plan. We are planning a winter formal that might take place at the end of February or the beginning of March; that’s our goal but we will see about getting chaperones and seeing if Jr. High is interested in formal dances.” 

 Jr. High ASB is planning a Winter formal and want to see if Jr. High students are interested so be sure to vote on the poll. There were ups and downs to the events but most students were able to enjoy and are waiting for the next one.