Emily Dugan

A sample of some the music pieces that will be performed at Barnes and Noble this Saturday. Each music class will perform their own pieces in the back of the store in Starbucks.

Getting Ready for Barnes and Noble Music Fundraiser

With Thanksgiving Break just ending on Monday morning this week along with the month of November, every music class is preparing for their annual performance at Barnes and Noble. These performances last the entire day in the Starbucks area of Barnes and Noble in the Mall of Victor Valley. This year’s date is Saturday, December 7 and has all of the music groups performing throughout the day.

The schedule of the performances are as follows:

10:00 – Beginning Strings

11:00 – Intermediate Strings

12:00 Advanced Strings

1:00 – Chamber Orchestra

2:00 – Beginning Band

3:00 –  Guitar

4:00 – Choir I

4:15 – Choir II

4:30 – Madrigals

Students participating at Barnes and Noble will perform some pieces for the shoppers. Some students like Senior Dorothy Alvarado has been performing at Barnes and Noble for many years. To these students, the Barnes and Noble performances are an important part of uniting a music group together. “I always love performing and watching others perform. It’s awesome to be able to create music that can only be made with other people.” Alvarado says.

 Throughout the day, anyone who buys items at the store can say that they are there to support the school, and the University Preparatory music departments will receive some of the profit. While these performances are going on, students will also be volunteering for gift wrapping and anyone visiting Barnes and Noble can bring in gifts for the students to wrap.

People who can’t attend the bookfair can also help support the music department by buying items online. People can visit the website bn.com/bookfairs on December 7, 2019 and entering the ID 12556783 at checkout.

With the music groups gathering at Barnes and Noble, the bookstore will have a new sense of Holiday spirit while helping the University Preparatory Music classes raise money. These music classes are ready to kick off the month of December with some holiday music.

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