The Democratic “Fab Five”


Democratic Caricatures

Kage Blakeney, Journalist

As the decade comes to an end, we are left with wondering who is left in the race for the 2020 Presidential Election. From 32 people to now 18, we are left with 15 Democrats and 3 Republicans who are attempting to become the next President of the United States. Trump, as expected, is also running for President, attempting to obtain a second term. However, there is a possibility that a Democrat could beat Trump. And according to multiple different news outlets and newspapers, these are the top 5 Democrats in the race who could do it.

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1. Joe Biden. As the former 47th Vice President of the U.S., most feel as though he will bring about a new kind-of Obama-type era after this Trump era. Most of his supporters are those of color and particularly older voters. Currently 77 years old, he was elected to Senate for Delaware in 1972 at the age of 29, becoming the sixth youngest senator in American history. He also attempted to run for President in 1988 and 2008. His current signature issues deal with healthcare, making America a global leader again, and bipartisanship.

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2. Elizabeth Warren. She was a former law professor at Harvard, and has soared to the 2nd place in the Democratic polls with her bold, progressive policies. At the age of 70, she is an expert in bankruptcy law, has helped set up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau during the Obama administration, and was recently elected to the Senate in 2012. Currently, she has proposed to implement a Medicare for all without raising income or payroll taxes, but this really hasn’t paid off for her politically, as some are thinking twice about their support for her. Recently, her signature issues are creating a wealth tax, canceling student loan debt, and breaking up big tech corporations.

Bernie Sanders with supporter

3.Bernie Sanders. He served as the Mayor of Burlington, was then elected into the House of Representatives in 1998, and then to the Senate in 2007. He was re-elected into the Senate in 2012, where he has been working ever since. He was the runner up to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democratic Presidential Primaries. Most of his supporters come from college students and those at the younger end of the age spectrum. Most of his signature issues include Medicare for all, a $15 minimum wage, tuition-free public college, and eliminating all student debt.

Pete Buttigieg’s campaign website

4. Pete Buttigieg. As the youngest person to run for president (he is currently 37 years old), he has been the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, since 2012. He also served in the military as an Intelligence Officer in the Navy Reserve. He is a former Rhode Scholar and Consultant for McKinsey and Company, a global consultant group. He wants to have Medicare for all and free public college for those whose families earn less than $100,000 a year. His signature issues for the campaign are mainly generational change, and he is the first person ever to suggest an increase in the number of seats in the Supreme Court.

5. Adam Yang. At 44 years old, he has been a former tech executive, and has founded a nonprofit organization to create jobs for people all around America. Not having been in any prior elected office, he is trying to have people get behind him with his interesting campaign ads, his “Yang Gang,” and his promise to give anyone $1,000 for the support that they give him. Besides that, his signature campaign issue is to give every American a “universal wage” of $1,000 a month.

Withe having 13 other Democratic candidates running, Democratic voters are getting pulled 18 different ways, wondering who is going to be able to defeat Trump in the 2020 Presidential Campaign. Who knows, maybe one of these 5 might beat Trump? Only time will tell.