Starting the Season Right


Naretzi Velasquez

Diego Martinez (#20) runs to make a two pointer basket and makes it in.

Naretzi Velasquez, Journalist

On December 4th, the University Preparatory Boys Varsity Basketball team played against the Academy of Careers & Exploration and intense playing led them to their first win of the season. 

The Jaguars were on the court giving their all to win. It started with Ethan Emick (#10) shooting a three pointer. The Jags continued to play with a tough defense and amazing shooting; they ended the first quarter 16-11 (Jaguar to Eagles). At this point, the Eagles were trying to catch up, but the Jaguars used the strategies that Coach Augustus and Coach Bradley had told them before the game and did not let the Eagles catch up, ending the second quarter 42-19. 

The third quarter came around; the crowd was on the edge of their seats wondering who was going to win. The Eagles caught up to the Jaguars but that didn’t stop senior Diego Martinez (#20) from making a three pointer. Martinez (#20) explained, “I felt pretty good into the game. Augustus told us that we had to run laps if we didn’t score 100 points so I was motivated to play harder.” The third quarter ended with 59-30.

During the final minutes of the fourth quarter, Gabrian Yorba-Ruiz (#4) ended the game with two three pointers in under a minute. Yorba-Ruiz (#4) was caught after the game, “It felt really good, especially when I could hear my teammates from the benches just hyping me up, and the energy from everyone just felt great.”

With those points, the Jaguars ended the game with 76-47. They were really proud that they had started the season with a great start.