The Journey to a Driver’s License


Sarah Martinez

This road sign warns University Prep Jaguars of the nearby intersection. Palmdale Rd. is ready to have Jaguars zipping and zooming by at a reasonable speed, of course. Obey the law!

Sarah Martinez, Journalist

Finally being able to step into the world of driving marks a big milestone in one’s adolescence. Not only is it a whirlpool of excitement, but also a load of responsibility.

California law states that you must be at least 15 ½ to get your driving permit. This means that a large part of the Jaguars, even some freshmen, are eligible for this privilege. Sophomore Stephanie Montealegre revealed that she’s taken and passed the written test already. “I’m excited to get my license because I’ll be able to do more after school activities.” Montealegre also mentioned, “I feel like it’s also a bit more independence, and that it’ll help me to become more responsible.”

Although the written test may be nerve wracking, it comes down to this: can you actually drive? The driving part of the test is the most important. Montealegre confesses a few ways she’s been preparing for the driving aspect of the test. “I’ve been practicing with my parents a lot, and I’m taking driving lessons with an instructor so they can tell me the do’s and don’ts of the driving test.”

While students are gearing up left and right, the journey only begins from here. Senior Cameron Quijada states her opinion and mentions “It’s a really big responsibility to own a driver’s license and people take that for granted.” Preparing and hitting the road takes a tremendous amount of maturity, but it seems with time to study and practice, University Prep Jaguars will do amazing on their future driving tests!