Rushing Through The Hoops

University Prep Girls Basketball's first game against Barstow


Daniella Carrasco

Sophomore Zinnia Banks (#5) stops in her tracks and turns as she watches her team run past her to defend their side.

Daniella Carrasco, Journalist

It was time for the first game against Barstow for the University Prep girls varsity basketball team on Tuesday, December 2nd, 2019. They were set and focused, however, they weren’t as prepared as they had thought. Already in the first half of the game, it looked like the odds were against the Jaguar girls. Multiple players were skidding and tripping, it could be said it was almost too fast on their end. The scores were looking bad for the Jags but they were working hard to hit with a comeback. Just as things were looking better for the girls after halftime, an injury occurred.

Sophomore Bibiana Rodriguez (#1) had fallen, and she was struggling standing back up. Her teammates surrounded her and supported her up on their shoulders as they helped her over to the sidelines. The crowd couldn’t see what had happened but Rodriguez was holding her leg in pain as she sat down.

Daniella Carrasco
Bibianna Rodriguez (#1) dribbles the ball towards the her team as the opponents defend the net from the Jag Girls.

Barstow waited and cheered her on and the referees continued the game without her. When asked about what had happened, Rodriguez responded with, “Well what actually happened is that my leg cramped up when I fell. It was hurting at the time but once I was able to rest, it was actually pretty easy to get over and I joined back in.”

Daniella Carrasco
Sophomore Emma Aquino (#10) stands on her toes ready for the ball to bounce her way. The rest of her teammates stand closer to the net but Aquino stands back just in case she can steal the ball before the opponents do.

As the game continued, tension was high as the time began to near the last minutes. Unfortunately, the Jaguars lost against Barstow (60-21) and respectfully congratulated the opposing team. After the game, Sophomore Kaylyn Ha (#3) commented on what could’ve been the reason the Jag girls didn’t do so well. “We definitely should’ve had a better mindset prepared. I mean, they do have skill but I believe we’re at the same level so we should’ve just practised a bit more.” However, Zinnia Banks (#5), a sophomore teammate, believed something else. “I honestly think it was because we were rushing, the whole time the game was fast paced. If we slowed down we probably would’ve done better because, I mean, I think our skills are matched.” Although the Jags might’ve lost this game, they’re confident in their skills being a good match nad ready to win the next one.