Impeachment Inquiry: Inspiring Politics at UP


Charles Edward Miller from Chicago, United States [CC BY-SA 2.0 (]

Teachers in Chicago protest for the Impeachment of President Donald Trump at the Chicago's Teachers Union Rally on October 26, 2019.

Caitlynn Kelley, Journalist

The phone call that President Trump made to President Volodymyr Zelensky created outcry from diplomats and government workers which created an outcry about Mr. Trump’s behavior on trying to get information on his political rival, Joe Biden. The Whistleblower told the Intelligence community about the phone call and it now has been created into an Impeachment Inquiry headed by Adam Schiff (D-CA). There has been an out pour of vitriol and praise about the Impeachment Inquiry from across the political spectrum. The vote to formalize the impeachment inquiry was a highly partisan one. 232 people (Democrats and one Independent) voted for the impeachment inquiry, while 196 (Republicans and two Democrats) voted against it. 

On November 13, 2019, there was the first open impeachment hearing. This hearing featured William Taylor and George Kent. Taylor and Kent have both worked under different political parties. William Taylor is an accomplished diplomat; he has been a diplomat for decades. George Kent has been working for the State Department for many years. On November 15, 2019, there was the second open impeachment hearing, featuring Marie Yovanovitch, an Ukranian ambassador. She was ousted by Rudy Giuliani. There have been other hearings that have been open since then. The other impeachment hearings have been behind closed doors. 

Senior Ethan McGinty believes that other world leaders wouldn’t be as affected by President Trump by his trying to get politically compromising information about Joe Biden. ”I feel that the only world leaders this would affect is President Trump because our elections are coming up and people are trying to decide who they want to vote for. People are sure of what’s going on and are updated minute by minute because of how important this is to the political landscape of our nation. The other two presidents don’t have to worry as much because President Zelensky is a fairly new leader and he’s just trying to gain trust of his people. President Xi Jingping has very strict control over the information his people are allowed to consume.”

Senior Bryan Castillo believes that the Impeachment Inquiry would be a chance for UP students to get involved in politics and it might get the High Desert polarized or give Trump another chance. “It is a good opportunity for teenagers to get into politics, as well as getting the High Desert to likely reconsider Trump, or to get more mad at the Democrats and continue to polarize.”

McGinty believes that the Impeachment Inquiry won’t affect UP students or the High Desert that much, but as a whole it would affect all of us as a nation positively. “…It will force us to think critically about how we vote in the next election and standards that we hold our politicians to as far as their conduct and their usage of powers while in office.”

All in all, the Impeachment Inquiry has been a tumultuous time for American citizens and has further polarized our country. Americans don’t know whether President Trump will be impeached or not. The Impeachment Inquiry will continue well into 2020.