The SAT and ACT

The Preparation Before the Tests

Photo Illustration of Junior Leila Sandoval

Jessind Caro

Photo Illustration of Junior Leila Sandoval "taking the SAT."

Jessind Caro, Journalist

Seniors and a few juniors went to Apple Valley High School and Oak High to take the ACT assessment back on September 14, and the SAT on the 5th of October and November 2 in hopes of scoring well enough to attend a great university of their choice. 

The ACT is a standardized test used for college admissions nationwide. It is 200 multiple choice questions of math, science, writing and reading comprehension. Since the test takes  about 3 hours to complete, these students took time and effort to study and sleep well enough for the test. The SAT is more important, some say. It measures the readiness of high school students for college. It is one section of reading and writing, along with two sections of  math. 

Many students studied for about 30 minutes or more a day. “I prepared using the free online prep… I studied for at least 20 minutes to an hour every day even if I had a lot of homework.” Senior Eric Vo commented. 

Although in most universities the ACT is not required, many students use it as a boost to appear better to colleges. “The questions were a little easier than I expected… I think I did pretty good,” stated senior Alex Yuen, being very confident. Some, more than others, expected everything on the test, thanks to studying hard. 

“I decided to take the SAT because I felt like I should take it all three times and get the best possible score…” commented senior Miah Alamillo. Some seniors took the SAT before this year. They had already studied so much and decided to take the ACT as an uplift for their application, by sending in both. In response to being asked, ‘were you prepared?, Vo states: “I took the SAT three weeks prior to the ACT, so I’ve been trying to get as much studying done…” While others have never taken the SAT or ACT, these students had no idea what to expect, and only studied with a couple questions on the test preps, and others like Alamillo used the Khan Academy help provided to them. 

Most students were well prepared because they either took the ACT to SAT before the other. Of course, with these tests being hard, most students came out being uncertain with how they fared. It is always stressful and takes dedication to take big tests like these, but the students put in so much work and time to score amazing. No matter the scores, these students always remember to stay positive. 

The last chance to take the SAT is December 7, good luck! Study hard!