All About That Attitude: Jaguars win Against Jackrabbits 11/21


Jessind Caro

Mikayla Flora (#12) decides her next move to score a goal, while the other team tries to pressure her. Jocelyn Moran (#7) assists on blocking the opponents.

Jessind Caro, Journalist

The UP Girls Varsity Soccer team won Thursday’s home game against Victor Valley HS, 12-0, on November 21st. The first game to start off the season was a success for the girls. 

Junior Leila Sandoval (#5) scored the first goal in the first 5 minutes of the game, while the crowd cheered her on. 

Of course, scoring so early in the game set off a good attitude for the team. Not only did they score so early, but they continued to score many times throughout the game. By the end of the first half, the team was at 8-0. 

The girls played hard no matter the score; Coach Gorge always encouraged them and gave advice. “I think it was a rather easier game than we expected. We did what we had to and we played our game; there’s definitely room for improvement but it was a good way to start off our season,” expressed Diya Patel (#19), after the game. As their coach always says, they always need practice no matter their stats. 

“Come on, come on girls, pressure her!” Coach Gorge exclaimed many times throughout the game. It really helps the team, as it shows on the field. It also shows how he pays attention and wants what’s best for them and to help. 

Mikayla Flora (#12) played an amazing game, with 4 goals and no assists. Always pressuring the opposite team, she’d play tricks and easily lose them. 

Hopefully, the girls keep up the good work for the rest of the season.