Keeping Our Heads Held High and Staying Determined


Yesenia Garcia

Senior Travis Madden (#3), Sophomore Jordan Bateman (#14) and Senior Shiloh Emanuel (#12) watch closely as the ball is high in the air approaching the basket.

Yesenia Garcia, Journalist

As the final day of the preseason tournament held at Riverside Prep is here, the high school basketball boys seemed confident yet determined to win against Granite Hills High School. The tournament took place from November 18 through November 22. Yesterday being the last day before playing again today, Saturday the 23rd. Throughout the first half, the team was determined and the scores were neck to neck. But Granite maintained a higher score. After all the passing and dribbling, the UP Jags kept their head in the game and ready to win. In all, after the first half ended, the UP Jags made a total of 29 points against Granite Hills. During half time, the boys headed to the locker rooms to discuss their progress and what they should do for the next 2 quarters of the game. Were they nervous? Were they confident they would result in a win? Before half time ended, the boys headed back out to the court, ready to give it all in order to succeed for the two remaining quarters of the game. The last and final half had tension increasing as the teams were close in points, yet Granite still managed to stay ahead. In one minute, the UP Jags were leading, and in the next, Granite would. Overall, both teams really reciprocated the energy to each other, which made for an entertaining game, but an anxious time for the UP Jags, since they were determined to win. Besides the Jaguar’s determination to win and their hard work, the 4th quarter ended in Granite Hills winning by only 5 points, resulting in the final score of 58 to 63. Even though the boys lost, they still seemed determined and ready for their game today on the 23rd. This shows good determination and good sportsmanship, since they all were looking at the positive aspects and not the negative. Senior Barry Bai (#20), when asked how he felt about the next game, mentioned, “We’re gonna win, we’re going to come out with a win.” This proves how he still felt confident against their match on the 23rd against Riverside Prep, and knows they’re going to win.