Saints Win Against the Jaguars

After Adelanto loses control of the ball, kicking it out of bounds, sophomore Michael McClendon(#9) continues the game when passing it back in to his teammates.

On Tuesday November 19th, University Preparatory’s boys soccer team played their first non-conference away game against Adelanto’s varsity team. The Saints took the win with the ending score of 2-1.

Ruby Magana
Freshman Nicholas Ceballos(#16) was accidentally tripped while attempting to get a hold of the ball, leading to a leg cramp.

The entire University Prep’s team was present, but only twelve of the boys were actually able to participate in the game. This is due to a rule that states a student can’t play in the schools games while they are playing on a club soccer team. This rule limited the Jaguars to only allowing eleven of the boys on the field, with one sub available. The Jaguars had four players receiving injuries but with having just that one sub, they had to shake off the pain and play their best for the team.

After the boys realized they were trailing the Saints by only two points in the first half, they started to pick up their pace and close the gap by one point. That one point was scored by Jaguar sophomore Adrian Carranza (#6). Carranza scored the penalty kick and said, “I felt good when I scored it, but it happened because of the team’s contribution, not just because of me.”
All teammates were worried about how the game was going to go and expecting their loss to be by a larger amount of points due to their team playing incomplete. One of the Jaguars who couldn’t play in the game because he also plays for a club team, junior Jason Yi (#8) said, “The game actually went well, I thought we would lose by more points.”
Although the Saints held a lead over the Jaguars throughout the game, the Jaguars were still happy with the results of the game. The boys tried their hardest to work towards a win and will continue to practice for their next game on Thursday, November 21st against the Victor Valley Jackrabbits.

Ruby Magana
Senior Kevin Vargas(#18) runs to retrieve the ball from Adelanto’s #5, leading to Vargas losing grip and falling soon after.