Jaguars in The House: Comeback


Jordan Bateman (#14) was up close to the basket, defending so Barry Bai (#11) was able to make a basket

Naretzi Velasquez, Journalist

University Preparatory Boys Varsity Basketball team took on Academy for Academic Excellence Knights in a preseason tournament on November 20, 2019. 

They had lost their previous game against the Excelsior Eagles on a buzzer beater, which had left the team upset by this loss. The next day, they had practice and reviewed over their mistakes and weaknesses. As it was game day, an hour before they had texted each other on a group chat, cheering each other on and getting pumped for the game. 

On the court, the Jaguars were warming up and watching the skills the other team had. The time was counting down. The boys had their adrenaline rushing and were ready to take the win home.

It started with a jump ball with Jordan Bateman (#14) grabbing the ball and tossing to Shiloh Emanuel (#12), who shot it up and made a basket. They kept this energy throughout the game and for the first quarter they ended up with 11-32 and in the second quarter with 31-56 (Knight to Jaguars). 

The Jaguars had their heads in the game. They had some complications with blocking, however, this didn’t stop their grind and they ended up with a score of 40-73. 

Toby Matta (#24) goes on his position and is ready to defend the other team for Shiloh Emanuel (#12) to be able to make a basket

Then, when it was three minutes till the end of the third quarter, Coach Augustus decided to put new incomes to play their first game being on the basketball team. Toby Matta (#24) explained, “I felt nervous at first but once I got on, I was really excited. I had to do good so I won’t let anyone down.” 

The game kept going; it was an ever intense quarter for the boys, with both teams were getting fouls. The boys didn’t want to lose like the previous game, so they got their game on and finished off with 58-91.  

The Jaguars had a comeback from their first game and were very excited that they were going to go on to the next round. Beshoy Soliman (#21) was caught after the game, “It felt way better than the first game; we didn’t seem to put effort, but this game had a whole new vibe.” Gabrian Yorba-Ruiz (#4) added, “It felt good, I feel like after today’s game everyone was happy and we all knew this is how we should be playing every night.”

Beshoy Soliman (#21) , Toby Matta (#21), and Gabrian Yorba-Ruiz (#4) cheer on their teammate Shiloh Emmanuel (#12) make a basket.

The tournament continues as the University Preparatory High School Boys Basketball team goes up against Granite Hills on Friday, November 22 @ 3pm.