Is Black Friday Shopping Safe?


Shanelle Diaz-Cruz

Some stores, such as Best Buy, begin Black Friday sales weeks before it even starts and will extend dates from time to time.

Shanelle Diaz-Cruz, Journalist

Holiday season is here, and so are the sales and specials, as well as the world renowned Black Friday. Black Friday in the United States takes place the Friday after Thanksgiving. On this specific day, stores across the nation have one day sales and specials for holiday gifts, technology devices, home appliances and much more. 

People across the nation go crazy for these sales and go as far as camping outside of stores to get items with special prices. Many families go Black Friday shopping and that includes freshman Abhishek Bawa’s Family as well. “Yes, I go Black Friday shopping; I am forced to go. I like it because it can be fun. When I’m older, I would still go Black Friday shopping because why wouldn’t you grab stuff that is on sale for low prices?”  

Although the low prices seem great, many tragic incidents happen on Black Friday due to stampedes of people trying to barge into stores as well as people fighting to get items in their shopping cart.

According to, a website dedicated to counting the deaths and injuries of Black Friday shoppers, from 2006-2018 there have been 12 deaths and 117 injuries. Some people still consider going Black Friday shopping even after hearing how many risks there are shopping on this specific day. Are the deals and special worth it? 

Senior Emily Lopez disagrees and believes that the deals are not worth the struggle. “I don’t go with my parents [when they go Black Friday Shopping] for that reason. I honestly would not go when I’m older.” 

However, freshmen Angel Newman and Hannah Rodriguez believe that the deals and specials are worth it. They will take up any opportunity to get half priced items even if it means going through hectic situations.

Black Friday can go in many different ways, one can love the deals but despise the long lines and packs of people. Whether people hate the wait or love the sales, safety should come first.