UP’s Newest Club For Animal Lovers: Paws Up


Shanelle Diaz-Cruz

Paws Up is University Prep's new club dedicating itself to helping animals in our community and in local animal shelters. Their next meeting is on December 6th, B-lunch, room 304 in the English department.

Shanelle Diaz-Cruz, Journalist

A new club has arisen on the University Preparatory grounds and that is Paws Up. Paws Up is an animal service club which dedicates itself to helping local animal shelters and the animals in those shelters get adopted and find forever homes.

Their first meeting took place November 15th and they discussed the events they have planned to help local animal shelters. 

The club is run by seniors Tristan Wolford, Reyna Rodas, and Michelle Aguilar. The three of them are hoping to have different events, like blanket drives, and participate in adoption events. They also have plans to make dog toys to give to the dogs in our local animal shelters.

The club’s leaders believe that it is important for all of us to contribute to our community, have experience with animals, and empathize with them. 

Senior Samantha Salazar looks forward to being in the club and explains the reason why she joined the club. “I really enjoy helping animals and being around animals in general so I thought it would be really cool to help around my community.” 

The advisor of the club, Mrs. Sooter, believes that helping animals in our community is important and believes that having pets as well as helping them can benefit both humans and animals. “It is really important for the community to step in and help animals because there are too many animals without proper shelter or homes. If we work together and raise more awareness, we will not only improve the lives of our little furry friends, but we can improve the lives of people who choose to adopt. Pets can help relieve stress, prevent loneliness, and provide purpose. Students should join Paws Up, so they can be an instrumental part in this process. Please come out and support our club and, most importantly, the pets who need our help and assistance.”

Paws Up have a passion and care for animals in our community. Their next meeting will be on Friday, December 6th, during B-lunch in Mrs. Sooters room, 304 in the English department.