Seasonal Starbucks Drinks


Daniella Rodriguez

A pair of festive Starbucks drinks to keep you warm during the chilly seasons.

Daniella Rodriguez, Journalist

The holiday seasons are here, and so are Starbucks’ famous seasonal drinks. November 2nd was the official release date for these beloved drinks infused with holiday spirit. Just about every coffee lover has a favorite seasonal drink from the world’s most famous coffee destination. So which drink is the most popular among the avid coffee drinkers of University Preparatory?

Both students and staff have a pretty good number of people who enjoy a drink from Starbucks every once in a while. Enjoying a drink inspired from the cheer of the upcoming holidays and the coldest season is something many people can find happiness in. Freshman Samaira Sehgal is particularly fond of winter Starbucks drinks. Sehgal’s top favorite is the Caramel Brulée Latte, a very sweet holiday treat. When asked if she had gotten any seasonal drinks this year, Sehgal happily replied, “Yes I have, I got one just on Monday. I like Starbucks so I go often.” Though Sehgal preferred the Caramel Brulée Latte, eighth grader Valerie Romero said her favorite latte was a bit different. ¨I do like the holiday drinks, I prefer the hazelnut latte.¨ However, two sophomores agreed that the Peppermint mocha is the best. Sophomore Stanley Muñoz said, “Peppermint mocha is definitely my favorite, it’s nice to have on a cold day.” Sophomore Samantha Casarez had the same drink preference. “I like the Peppermint mocha. It’s very good.” Both are fantastic choices and definitely scream holiday cheer.

Fans of coffee are sadly out of luck if they wish to enjoy the fall inspired special drinks. Fall drinks began as early as August 27th this year, but Autumn must end eventually and so does the production of the famous lattes and mochas. There are some fall drinks still lingering at certain Starbucks around the world, but most of them are disappointingly out of season until next year.

Though they are only here for two months, Starbucks holiday drinks stay in the hearts of coffee lovers all throughout the year. If you’re not looking forward to the holidays, you always have your favorite latte to look forward to!