Continuing Their Winning Streak


Tayler Avila

Eighth graders Bethany Morrison, Nirvana Alba, Aramari Gonzalez, and seventh grader Yurianni Betancourt express their respect after a well fought game against Big Bear and continue their winning streak.

On November 14 the middle school volleyball team took their second win of the season against one of their bigger rivals: Big bear, with winning two of the three sets played. This win allowed them to continue with their winning streak. But during the middle of the game, the team started to lose point opportunities because of some slip-ups and miscommunication. However, they came through at the end and every girl played their hearts out and left it all on the court and the scoreboard showed it.
During the final moments of the game, eighth-grader Nirvana Alba had to take the last serve to beat Big Bear. When asked what was going through her mind as she took that final serve she replied, “I was nervous because if I messed up then we’d have to start over again.” But luckily her serve was powerful enough to force her opponent to make a heavy touch and give them the final point they needed to win the game. She also explained that even though she made the winning serve of the night that her teammates and herself are all equally skilled and talented and that’s why their contribution led to the win.
But Bibiana Rodrigez, a varsity player, said: “The game was well fought and all the girls did great, but there were many times when they gave up points because of miscommunication”. Luckily the team saw that their miscommunication could’ve cost them the game and changed their playing tactics immediately to get their final results of a win. Overall the team gave it their all and will attempt to keep their winning streak through the rest of the season.