My Chemical Romance Reunion


Daniella Rodriguez

Old but Gold: My Chemical Romance merchandise that came back with the reunion.

Daniella Rodriguez, Journalist

As the year 2019 comes to an end, the famous emo band My Chemical Romance makes an emotionally surprising comeback. On Halloween, this iconic band announced a single reunion show in LA. Many people raced to their computers to get their hands on a seemingly once in a lifetime opportunity. There were multiple people who managed to score some tickets, but some were not so lucky. People accused the website of crashing on them and also putting them into a waiting room that closed after thirty minutes. The tickets were definitely in high demand because they sold out in as little as three minutes. This brings us to a very important question: How do the fans feel about this?

The fans of My Chemical Romance are rejoicing in the still new feeling of their favorite band popping back into the world at the end of the decade. Fans throughout the world are frantically racing to get their hands on some tickets; even going as far as flying out to select destinations where concerts are being held. However, is everyone this determined to see this brilliant band? The answer is no. Most people say they are, in fact, disappointed that they can’t make it, but they are not exactly willing to spend thousands of dollars trying to catch a glimpse of an intriguing concert such as this one.

Freshman Hassan Saleh, who has been a My Chemical Romance fan for around three years, comments on the notorious reunion. “It’s not like they’re going to be making any new music, at least not to my knowledge, so I thought it was cool; but I wasn’t all excited or anything because its just them doing a concert, not making any new music.” Saleh also commented on the seemingly outrageous ticket prices, but the answer was very different than that of the fans who talked about it on social media. “I’ve seen tickets around $150 which doesn’t sound too bad considering that this is sort of a big deal for really hardcore fans. They could’ve made the tickets way more expensive, and they chose not to. It sort of shows how much they care about their fans.” This answer is true on many levels. My Chemical Romance was extremely considerate, and though many fans saw this as an expensive price, there were some like Saleh who thought the price was completely fair.

Saleh was not planning on going to the concert, but many fans are eager to seal the deal and get into one of the upcoming reunion concerts. If you are planning on going, best of luck as there is a great competition waiting to reach the same goal as you.