New Coach, New Game

Robert Kelsey, 2019-2020 Boys Varsity Soccer Coach

November 14, 2019


Ruby Magana

Coach Robert Kelsey observes juniors Roy Ponce and Jason Yi as they work towards getting a hold of the ball.

After the University Preparatory’s boys soccer team coach retired from coaching for the school, the search to bring in a new coach before starting the 2019-2020 season began. New coach, Robert Kelsey, was hired with the desire to help take the boys from their late November games to the CIF games this spring.
Coach Kelsey is very experienced, having been coaching since 1985. Kelsey has coached club programs in the Victor Valley area of all age groups. He’s watched players go from rec soccer to more competitive levels, and has taken his teams to win Western State and tournament championships.
Although Coach Kelsey has coached for thirty-four years, this is his first time serving as a coach for a high school team. With this being his first time experiencing a school team, he is quite nervous to begin the season. Thinking about the team’s first game, which is only a few days away, Kelsey mentioned that, “I just want it done and over with; I’m going to have not butterflies, but bats in my stomach.”
High school teams and club teams may be similar in the way they play, but what makes a school team different is the privilege of playing. “High school players have to be students first, by making sure their grades are good, to then put a good team together to represent the school.”
Coach Kelsey also found the University Preparatory team unique, stating that, “Other schools have up to three teams to work on from the bottom up to build up a strong squad, but we’re going to be a strong one with just our one team.”
Robert Kelsey now has the power to coach and encourage the team to do their best as the new season quickly approaches. Kelsey’s experience may lead University Preparatory boys varsity soccer team to a title, and the team will get their first touch of the ball on November 19, facing off against the Adelanto Saints.

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