A Fun Victory

Junior High Volleyball hits CIMS with a Win

Eighth grader Dani Loaralei Jackmin concentrates on the ball nearing the end of the second and final set of the evening.

Daniella Carrasco

Eighth grader Dani Loaralei Jackmin concentrates on the ball nearing the end of the second and final set of the evening.

Daniella Carrasco, Journalist

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The past games were leading to a bleak looking future for the University Preparatory Junior High Volleyball Team. Miscommunication, stress, and little motivation led to many of the volleyball games ending in a loss for the Jag Girls. University Prep’s Junior High Cheer often watched with anticipation and hope for their home team, cheering them on even in their losses.  But finally on the twelfth evening of November with a home game against CIMS Junior High Volleyball- a team they had previously lost to on CIMS grounds- things began to look up.

Before the game had even begun, the University Prep players seemed confident, comfortable, and ready to take on their opponents. As the first set began, the Jag Girls quickly gained the upper hand. It seemed as though something had changed this game, perhaps something had sparked in them, resulting in amazing results.

Daniella Carrasco
Eighth grader Zara Haney concentrates and positions herself to hit the ball just right and score a point for her team at the beginning of the first set.

The first game quickly came to an end with a score of 25 to 15, University Prep winning the set. The girls seemed eager to move forward and gain in what they hoped was a victory. When seventh grader cheerleader Moni Jiminez was asked about the differences in this game she replied, “The home court was definitely an advantage for them. You could tell they felt more comfortable.”

However, the second round is where things began to fire up. Both teams seemed focused on winning the round, either leading to a tie or a full win for the Jag Girls. Tension was in the air as it began to come to close calls in which both teams tied with a 14. Eighth grader Dani Loralei Jackmin explained the need to win the game. “One of our first games was against them. One we thought we’d win. It’d feel good to have redemption.” As the set continued on, the players both on and off the court cheered one another on. It was clear the support was present in the game, and it definitely encouraged the girls to push forward.

Daniella Carrasco
Eighth grader Madison Lane was anxious to hit the ball and keep it from falling. Lane reaches out just inches away from the ball.

The Junior High team eventually broke the tie and won the set with a final score of 25 to 17. The girls were ecstatic and all huddled up, celebrating a win they earned. Even the cheerleaders celebrated themselves for the win their peers had just gained. Eighth grader Jace Thompson even explained the possible reason as to why they won, “It feels awesome to actually win a game and honestly I think it’s the fact that we all were having fun. My coach advised me to have fun just like we do at practice.” It seems this time, the girls felt much more comfortable, relieved, and even had fun with the game leading to the goal they were aiming for. A victory.