Katrina Gilbert

This drawing by Emily Dugan, was from day one of this year’s Inktober. Unlike most artists, she is doing two different prompt lists; one from her favorite YouTube channel and the other from the official prompt list.

Miah Alamillo, Journalist

Spooky Season has arrived and spirits are high. With the arrival of October comes the usual cobwebs, carved pumpkins, and sweet treats- but that is not the only thing sparking up frightful energy. It’s time to get out your pens and dust off your notebooks because Inktober is here and aspiring artists couldn’t be more thrilled.

Young artist Senior Dorothy Alvarado shares spooky insights for the national event. “On YouTube and Instagram and other social media like a month before, videos and posts just start popping up about people buying art supplies and giving tips on how to ink and get ready for Inktober. It’s a really big thing in the art community.” 

She also shared what ink she prefers while creating one of a kind works of her own. “I don’t have expensive stuff so I just use sharpies, pens, and if I’m feeling like it, I’ll use watercolor too even though it’s not really an ink, but it works.” 

This event has been haunting October since 2009, each year bringing new and creative daily prompts which artists all across the nation create.

When asked about personal prompt favorites, Senior Emily Dugan responded saying,” I like this years because I feel like I can actually do them and I like the prompts they came up with.” 

What better way to spend October than creating a little magic of your own?