How Old is Too Old? (Trick-or-Treat)


Daniella Rodriguez

A bag of candy is a treat that comes out of the famed holiday.

Daniella Rodriguez, Journalist

Once the calendar hits October 1st, spooky season begins. Kids of all ages go to a seasonal Halloween store to pick out a costume, and adults go to a grocery store to stock up on bags of candy for all the excited trick-or-treaters. Almost everyone has participated in going door to door cheerily chanting, “Trick-or-Treat!” However, at some point in your life, trick or treating just doesn’t strike as an enjoyable thing to do. Some people stop trick or treating sooner than others, some people never stop, and some people never started in the first place. So when is the right time to stop trick or treating? There are various answers to this question, and it really just depends on the person.

Sophomore Samantha Casarez does not see why there should be an age limit on trick or treating whatsoever. “There shouldn’t be an age limit. Its cultural. Older people that have never experienced trick or treating should be given a chance to see what it’s like.” A bright answer to a question that most people just answer with a number.

However, those who did answer with a number had an almost identical answer. Eighteen. According to the opinions of over 20 people from all different ages, age eighteen is when your trick or treating days come to an end.

Many people stop trick or treating way before they’re anywhere near age eighteen. Eighth grader Adrian Rodriguez shares when he stopped trick or treating. “I stopped trick or treating last year, I had just turned twelve.” This tends to be the age that the majority of people stop trick or treating. There is a time when trick or treating is simply not fun anymore, and this varies from person to person as well. According to Adrian Rodriguez, “Trick or treating wasn’t really that fun last year, I was just in it for the candy.”

There is really no particular age to stop trick or treating. Whether you’re only in it for the candy or you simply still enjoy trick or treating, it’s up to you to tell when it’s time to stop.