Fright Fest, a Spooky Success!


Angel Kuo

Senior Maria Pedroso screams in agony and for help as tense groups walk through the maze into the room.

Shiloh Emanuel, Journalist

On October 5, 2019, University Prep’s Drama Club, Philharmonics Club, and middle school cheer team hosted a horrifying October event called Fright Fest in the spirit of Halloween. At Fright Fest, people were dressed in full costumes ranging from as friendly as Spider-man and Hydro Flasks all the way to costumes as scary as werewolves and psychotic dentists. Screams could be heard around campus all through the night. A big contributor: the fan favorite “Haunted Maze”.  

The Haunted Maze was a collaboration between the three clubs and the whole project took lots of preparation. The sinister scenery was produced by stagecraft, and every club had their own section to decorate as they pleased. It featured dentist, ghost, clown, and dead body-themed sections. 8th grader Isabella Tamoro’s personal favorite was the clown section. She said, “the clown section is my favorite because… I don’t know, I don’t have a fear of clowns but they still were scary!” 

The Haunted Maze brought in tons of people, but the downside to bringing in lots of people is having extremely long lines. The line was so long that it wrapped around the Spanish department builds and continued its way to the science buildings. When asked about the line, junior Marlene Moraila said that, “the line was so long, we had to wait almost thirty minutes just to get into the haunted maze,” but she continued on to say, “I didn’t get very scared but I think that it was worth it because we still had a lot of fun.” 

That night, Fright Fest made roughly 5 thousand dollars in profit and many of the people who worked in fright fest were very happy with this number. Senior Lauren Lee and member of Philharmonic Club was thrilled with the outcome of the Haunted Maze, saying, “It took so much time, energy, and effort to make the project workout that it made product just very satisfying.” When Lauren was asked how she felt about Fright fest in general, she answered with “I’m just glad that a lot of people were able to enjoy themselves at Fright fest.” It’s safe to say that Fright Fest was a spooky success.