Made it This Far

Girls Volleyball wins Playoffs against Pacific High School


Kimberly Granica

Sophomore Alyna Ramos, Junior Naretzi Velazquez, Sophomore Moala Fotu, Senior Delaney Torres, and Freshman Natalia Dominguez were happy hearing they will get a bus for the next game.

Kimberly Garnica, Journalist

Kimberly Garnica
Delaney Torres gets ready to strike that ball as hard as she can to make another point.

Throughout the volleyball season, the University Preparatory girls volleyball team bonded because of how much time they spent together. This helped them get to the playoffs due to the help and encouragement they gave each other. Sophomore Sara Mahho (#11) stated: “We all worked hard, contributed together and became better.” Even with the team bonding and the hard work they put into the season, it didn’t stop them from getting nervous and stressed. Senior Samantha Lopez (#4) says, “I honestly was stressed. I didn’t really know the team, so I didn’t know how they would play or how much competition they would be. I just had to see how they were.” The opposing team was Pacific High School, which University Preparatory hadn’t played against yet.

Kimberly Garnica
Moala Fotu jumped high to hit to ball while her teammates, Delaney Torres, Naretzi Velasquez, and Maria Gentiles looked at her

Throughout the game, they never expressed how nervous they felt. They focused and put all their hard work onto the game. Although, not everyone thought University Preparatory was going to win, including Junior Naretzi Valezquez (#5). Her thoughts were: “If we win, we win. I was thinking we were going to lose.” Sometimes, the Lady Jags would be losing, but quickly pulled through. Luckily for the Lady Jags, they won all sets by 25 points. Everyone seemed to try their best and make as many points as possible to win against Pacific High School.