ADI Holds a Resume Workshop


Kayla Ferrer

Seniors Nidhie Patel, Aaliyah Boykins, and Eric Vo busy at work creating their resumes while sophomore Maria Gentiles is invested in the presentation. On the other hand, freshman Omanzie Rodriguez is not nearly as interested in the workshop as the rest of them are.

Ever worry about the future? Well ADI has a solution!

On October 9th, 2019, ADI (Asian Diversity Incorporated) hosted a resume building workshop. Members of the club were introduced and taught how to create their own resumes.

A slideshow, presented by sophomore Nathan Huynh, demonstrated the importance of a resume. It provided an outline to the uses of a resume and what to include such as: extracurricular, volunteer experiences, and personal information.

Senior Nidhie Patel found great use of this workshop. She stated, “The workshop helped me gain more knowledge and understanding of making a resume, which I really appreciate as a senior going into college and eventually applying for jobs.”

Patel wasn’t the only senior to feel this way. Many other seniors like Dana Khouri, Jonathan Cristales, Hillary Huynh, and Abeeha Rizvi were also present at the workshop, and were hard at work creating their resumes. Learning how to build a resume early on benefits them, since they’ll be aware of what to do for when the time comes to make one, especially for seniors; they are now more prepared for their future endeavors.

Although it was primarily for seniors, other grade levels also felt like the experience of the workshop was valuable. Sophomore Emily Tan added that, “[the workshop] helped me know what to include in building a resume for the future. It gave me a template, tips and examples of how to make one myself, which was very helpful.”

ADI gave the members a great opportunity to truly prepare for their future. Workshops such as this one prepares them for the real world, whether it be for college, internships, or jobs.