Encouragement is Key! Lady Jags Win Against Lakeview


Ethan Bunn

Supportive Shouts. University Prep's Cheer squad shouts chants of encouragement for the Lady Jags volleyball team during their game against Lakeview.

Jasmin Perez and Ethan Bunn

On October 7th, University Preparatory’s varsity team won another game versus Lakeview Leadership Academy. The team found themselves with a 3-0 lead at the end of the game. It was a nice way to end a Monday night, with another win under the Lady Jags’ belt. 

But other than athletic ability, what is another reason for their domination over Lakeview? It can be generalized as their encouragement from themselves through team-mates and audience. But truly, how important is the audience?

Junior ASB member, Jason Bonilla, seems to understand this importance. When asked why he went to the game, he responded, “I’m here to support my Lady Jags. As an ASB member, I want to show how we are supposed to have pride in our teams.”

To have pride in your team is more than just showing up, but encouraging these people to do good- to be in the right head-space and for them to try their best. Without these athletes having that ability to be around such positive energy, it might be the difference between a win or a loss in the future, or even what messed them up in the past.

Coming from Junior Cheerleader, Lexi Pham, whose role in these settings is to ensure they hype the team, stated, “ I think it’s important to be at the games to support players and to encourage everyone, even the crowd.” And this sentiment was made true from the continuous chants and choreography performed by the cheerleaders. From light-hearted competition between Lakeview and reassurance when our fellow Lady Jags made a mistake, they were there to keep the environment and audience in a good mood, thus making the athletes feel better and less stressed.

Pham added that no matter what situation someone find themselves in, some days will just be an off day, and those days mean “…it’s important to pump everyone up.”A good attitude can truly make or break a scenario of taking the lead of the game, or losing it.

Another cheerleader, Junior Alessandra Quinonez, also added to the conversation, “It definitely raises the spirits of the players and motivates them a little more, especially when there’s such a small crowd”.

Unfortunately, the games don’t see too much traffic outside of close friends, family, and coaches. This was well understood throughout the entire event, but wasn’t seen as bad. The volleyball team seemed to appreciate any and all those around them, ready to see how this game went and made sure they understood that.

Volleyball team member Jade Rutherford, responded to the question is an audience member important to her, “…people like my mom or my friends as well as energy [is important]. If the audience doesn’t have energy and isn’t loud, it gets boring and it defeats the purpose of even having a crowd watch out game”.

In a way, the volleyball games involves a team outside of Lady Jags. It involves the coaches, the audience, and their peers. Encouragement is key to a healthy and fun game, which is what was seen tonight. It’s important to show school spirit, especially if it can help others feel better and less stressed. In a sports setting, it’s a necessity need to be there for each other to be supportive and encouraging; without that, a sport wouldn’t be called a sport, it would instead be a chore. Positive energy makes for a good night, which was displayed by the win against Lakeview.