2023 Lock-in


Daniella Carrasco

Alex Chama basks in his victory, in a game of musical chairs. Behind him Arianna Sattiewhite notices his joy and to his right, Nicodemus Griffith enjoys his own victory.

Jasmin Perez, Journalist

On the date of September 19th, the class of 2023 hosted a lock-in for $3 per person. It lasted from 2:30-3:30 and was decently popular with the freshmen. There were two games played and snacks available for purchase that could satisfy anyone. 

Those that showed up were told of the fundraisers and new class apparel for the year. When asked if she was happy with the outcome of students, ASB member of the class of 2023, Jessica Mota, stated her happiness, “I think we could have done more advertising, but it’s our first [lock-in]. So I think we did good!”

The lock-in started off rough for the ASB members since they were drowned out by the eager and chatty freshmen but things quickly changed when they were allowed to start playing games- musical chairs, a game full of laughter and some friendly competitiveness.

The winner of musical chairs, freshman Arianna Sattiewhite stated, smiling and giggling with friends, “I’m really having fun… they have chips, candy, soda- well, soft drinks and I won a game of musical chairs.”

Things started slowing down before the second game was played, the majority of people sat down with friends. All laughing, others texting and taking photos on their phones, it was a good time for the majority of the class of 2023.

Freshman Enrique Bernal was one of the exceptions. When asked if he planned on joining in on the games or snacks he responded saying “No because they don’t look very fun to me… I just came to support my class by buying the ticket.” Of course, no matter what situation you are in, how fun of a social event or situation is, there will always be someone to disagree. But one could take one look at still see it was a success just based on the smiles and laughter seen and heard all throughout the entire multi-purpose room.

People began to play their second game, where students had to be the first one to flip a red solo cup to win. Others were perfectly content sitting on the tables with friends, most munching on some sort of snack while maintaining their conversations and basking in their friends words.

It would be false to say that the class of 2023’s first freshmen lock-in wasn’t a successful event. From the snacks, the games, and those involved. A majority of the students were very satisfied: the laughter and smiles that bounced through the multi-purpose room could prove that. It was a good and intimate group of freshmen surrounded by their own class, all in a comfortable setting. At the end of the event, they raised a decent amount of money, kept their class informed, and entertained each other through conversation and games!