’22 Movie Night


Kayla Ferrer

Sophomore Nathan Huynh is getting ready to enjoy the movie "Ratatouille" with his friend's blanket wrapped around his waist.

Welcome to the city of Paris, where the Class of 2022 hosted their movie night fundraiser on Friday, September 27th!

A group of students were eagerly lined up at the entrance of the multi-purpose room, ready to watch “Ratatouille” and to enjoy an evening with their friends.

The students rocked comfortable clothing, such as sweats and t-shirts, and some even carried blankets in to get cozy with their friends. The sight provides a huge contrast to the regular school day uniforms, showing that the students that showed up were prepared to enjoy a night off from school.

As the movie played, they munched on tasty popcorn, chips, nachos, candy and refreshed themselves with soda as they enjoyed the movie with their friends. Sophomore Nathan Huynh stated, “At some points I didn’t watch the movie and talked to my friends instead, it was fun to hang out with them.”

The movie night was a success with a large group of students supporting the Class of 2022, some not even in the class themselves. A sophomore in ASB named Ella Cerna also agrees of the night being a success, saying, “A lot of people came and enjoyed the movie. We’re glad they came!”.

Ms. Hallwachs, Class of 2022 advisor, thinks the night went well as well, only hoping that “more teachers would’ve offered extra credit,” but the numbers of people that came in had surpassed what she had hoped for.

Being one of the many successful fundraisers the sophomores have hosted, this has set the tone for many more events and opportunities in the foreseeable future.