Testing Treats

Students are rewarded for State Test Results


Eighth grader Erin Carroll socializes with friends while enjoying her ice cream.

Ruby Magana, Tayler Avila, and Kayla Ferrer

I scream! You scream! We all scream for ice cream! Or at least the eighth, ninth, and twelfth graders did after school on the last three Wednesdays in September. Each grade level was treated to their own celebration on September 11, September 18, and September 25, respectively.

Only those who received a 2019 President’s Education Award and achieved an above average score on the California State Tests administered in April of this year were eligible to go to this event. 

Tayler Avila
On September 18, Freshmen Emily Herrera, Kassandra Jimenez, and Angel Hernandez come together to celebrate their hard work with a well deserved sundae.

Students scoring proficient or advanced also earned certificates which were adorned with a silver or gold seal and displaying signatures from President Donald Trump and the U.S. Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. Certificates and wristbands were distributed in the students’ English classrooms the day before each event. 

Receiving both gold awards, senior Eleni Kakkali states, “[Hard work pays off] to a certain extent. If you work hard you can achieve anything you want.” 

Similarly, freshman Jocelyn Moran attributes her excellent test scores to studying and reviewing, unlike fellow freshman Isabella Orellana, who said, “I did not study for the state test, but I think I did ok because I knew that all my tests and homework throughout the year would help me in the end.” 

Reflecting on the results, senior Kevin Chavelas said, “I’m not really surprised. It’s University Prep; you expect to see great results.” 

But the ice cream social wouldn’t be possible without the help of Ms. Warnett who spent her afternoon organizing as well as serving the students.Fortunately she had the help of senior volunteers and Ms. Yessika Barrientos, all of whom worked very hard to make every sundae perfect. 

Eighth grader Luis Suarez appreciated their efforts, stating, “The ice cream was good, [senior Serenity Moncrease] made it really fast! I rate it an 8, only because they didn’t have all the toppings that I wanted.” 

Pamela Carlin
As Seniors Yulemi Solis and Giselle Guzman deliberately planned among themselves to put whipped cream on Brenda Amayas’ face as a birthday prank, Amayas leaned in to listen only to be met with the actions of their plan.

After years of students dedicating their time to studying, they finally got the recognition they deserved. Now that she sees that her test scores counted for something, Ashlyn Avila reflected, “I’ve been taking the state test at UP since 7th grade and finally now I’m getting ice cream for doing well on my state test. If that’s the case for next year, then I’m looking forward to it.” 

As the 2020 state tests advance, other students like Avila took this as another reason to take State testing seriously. Student Emilee Thornton said, “I think that it was important that they recognized this, because then the people that wanted to come but couldn’t have a reason to try harder on their test [next year].”


UPDATE 9/27/19 21:04: Photos added to article