Three in a Row! Lady Jags Claim a Quick Win Over Victor Valley Christian


Joshua Martinez

Senior Libero Samantha Lopez (#4) and sophomore Paige Zimmerman (#13) lead the team chant during the break between the second and third set.

Joshua Martinez, Journalist

It seems like everywhere they go, the Girls Volleyball Team has their eyes on the prize. September 6th’s game against VVCS seemed like a pretty effortless victory for the Lady Jags. They took home a win of 3 sets to none and seemed very satisfied with their accomplishment. 

Many times, players can depict from the get-go whether or not a game will be a challenge. Junior Alison Betancourt elaborated on her feelings at the start of the game, “I knew it was going to be a good game because I felt confident in my team since we’ve been doing really good this week.” Her confidence in her team paid off, since the game went completely in favor of the Lady Jags.

Very rarely does it happen that a volleyball game doesn’t have to go on for more than 3 sets. On this occasion, however, the Lady Jags tucked away their victory pretty quickly. Betancourt commented, “I was happy because we got to go home and enjoy the rest of our Friday; most games go up to at least 5 sets and take a while longer to finish.”

Throughout the entire game, the lady Jags always remembered to have fun. They took turns cracking jokes and kept a light attitude on the court. The ability to recognize that they weren’t there just to compete, but to have fun, really made the game more enjoyable for both sides of the net.

Joshua Martinez
Senior Delaney Torres (#10) celebrates the previous play with Paige Zimmerman (#13) while Leslie Aguayo (#1) prepares for the next play.
Joshua Martinez
Team Captain, Paige Zimmerman, serves to Victor Christian during the second set of the game.