A New ‘Skate’ of Mind

The Setbacks and Successes That Make A First-Time Event Successful

Treasure Olson, Yearbook Editor/Journalist

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It was a warm and sunny evening when the doors to the Holiday Skating Rink opened, letting in a throng of cheerful students and a burst of energetic chatter. The neon lights beamed brightly down above the polished wood, and the sound of laughter and booming music filling the air. Nearly 200 people had shown up to the first annual 2022 Skate Night, double the expected earnings, and the night had turned out to be an overwhelming success.

However, months before, the event was only an idea, an offhand suggestion made by the Class of 2022 ASB. “We thought it was a really good idea, and our wonderful president, Ashley Fuentes, put in the work to get our event set up,” Sophomore ASB Member Moala Fotu recounts. “As the first couple weeks of school began, we got the event approved and brought up the idea of giving extra credit to a lot of teachers. We really only expected the event to sell about a hundred tickets.” 

And sell, they did. Day after day, the office was clogged with long lines of students waiting to get their presale tickets, excited for the upcoming event. 2022 Adviser Ms. Hallwach’s recounts that, “We had to sell a minimum of 75, and we thought we were barely gonna make that. I was truly shocked.” 

Due to the amount of people attending, the pressure was on for ASB members like Fotu. “I feel like the team and I were in both a good and bad situation with the sales. I felt really great about the whole thing because we were able to benefit a lot off of the money we made, and the hard work that we did to set everything up would mean something. But… at the same time, many people weren’t able to go because we sold out, and if they were, their friends outside of school weren’t. Some ASB members couldn’t even get tickets in time!” Fotu admits sheepishly. 

Once the event started, however, all of the worries seemed to melt away. The venue was packed full of people, young and old, beginner and advanced, all stumbling and giggling to each other as they stepped out onto the rink. Freshman Sanskriti Sehgal laughed to herself as she described putting herself out there to skate again for the first time in seven years, stating, “I already know I’m going to fall, so looking bad doesn’t bother me too much!” When asked about the way ASB handled the brand new event, she let out a genuine smile. “I think it’s going pretty well, especially since it’s the first time they’re doing it. The organization could’ve been a little better and I still think the venue was packed too full, but overall I’ve been having a lot of fun.”

Despite the building pressure and setbacks that lead to the first annual Skate Night, the event was hailed as one to remember due to the dedication of the 2022 ASB team. Through hard work and planning, students from all classes got together for a night of touching, no-holds-barred fun. “It was incredible.” Fotu states happily, a light smile on her face.