“Who Doesn’t Want to Build Robots?”- MESA, Girl Up, DnD, and more at the 2019-2020 Club Fair.


Madison McGinty

Senior Yulemi Solis, President of the Green Club, talks to potential members freshmen Jade Olea Romo and RIcardo Luquez Aguilar. Green Club meets from 2:00 to 2:30 every other Thursday in Mrs. Price’s room, 404.

Leslie Tello, Editor

Drama Club members senior Mariah (Dani) Gonzalez, junior Treasure Olson, and junior Ashley Sanchez at the Club Fair on Friday, August 22nd. Last year, they performed in the play Mamma Mia.

Clubs are a fantastic way to meet people, explore interests, and look good for colleges. On Friday, August 22nd, UP featured a variety of clubs at its annual Club Fair, ranging from Jaguarts and Krush to the Drama Club and Jaguars for Christ. People gathered around club tables during lunch, waiting patiently for their chance to sign up. With so many amazing options, it can be hard to choose just one.

Junior Micheal Lorenz rejoined both the Gardening Club and MESA. Fellow junior Martina Sadeek also joined the Gardening Club for the second time. Lorenz appreciated the Gardening Club’s emphasis on the environment, while Sadeek enjoyed learning how to grow plants.

The Green Club is another club focusing on the environment. President of Green Club, senior Yulemi Solis, said she wants people to join so they can be more aware of their impact on the environment because “we all live on the planet.” Her ambitions for next year include hiking at Silver Lakes, adding more recycling bins on campus, and doing some community clean-ups.

Three clubs that specialize in community outreach are Girl Up, National Honor Society, and Interact. Secretary of Interact, senior Elyzza Rodriguez said, “Interact is a great way to help the community and become more involved.” Last year, Interact, alongside Key Club, held a toiletries donation drive; the club also hosted fundraisers to donate to charities and homeless shelters. Interact hopes to continue these endeavors. Girl Up’s President, senior Abeeha Rizvi, said people should consider signing up because of the scholarship opportunities and women empowerment. This year, members of Girl Up can expect to make care packages for the homeless and battered women and help people in other countries. Despite the name, everyone is welcome to join.

Similar to Girl Up, the National Honor Society also includes scholarship opportunities and community service. Sophomore Emilia Yuja-Matute, secretary of NHS, claims that they are trying to become a charter and give seniors cords for graduation.

Another club garnering attention was Mu Alpha Theta. Mu Alpha Theta, an academic club dedicated to tutoring students, provides a chance for people who enjoy math to aid others and expand upon their interests, according to club member, junior Ashley Park.

Although these altruistic clubs are a great way to help the environment and people in need, there are also clubs dedicated to just having a good time and learning new things. One of these clubs is E-Sports. Treasurer, senior Jordan Smith, said the club consisted of having fun with friends while playing games every other Tuesday. MESA is another example. Sophomore Orlando Pereira, Vice President of MESA, said it is really fun because members get to build robots and “who doesn’t want to build robots?” Returning club member Lorenz said he enjoyed it because he likes the mechanics of it and building things; he wants to be an engineer in the future. Both clubs hope to participate in competitions in the 2019-2020 school year.

The Dungeons and Dragons club is also fun-oriented. Sophomore Juan Neri decided to return to DnD for its “chill” and fun atmosphere. Freshman club member Madeline Herdlein said it is a nice way to spend your free time, meet new people, and make memories.

There are also a plethora of cultural clubs on campus, including the Spanish Club, the Black Student Union, and Pacific Islanders. When asked why students should join their club, members junior Kalila Nuñez and freshman Marie Pome’e said that they would get to learn more about their culture. All three clubs preformed at the 2019 Multicultural Assembly. The girls said Pacific Islanders are planning to do more dances in the future.

Anyone who is interested in joining these clubs should reach out and ask these leaders for more information. It’s always good to get involved with your campus!

*Retraction- fixed Dani Gonzalez’s name