The Price of Getting Older


Izabel Vazquez

Senior Jareri Zarate pensively gazes and flips through the pages of the 2020 Senior Packet.

Izabel Vazquez, Assistant Editor-in-Chief/Sports Editor

On August 16, 2019, the class of 2020 gathered in the MPR for their Senior Lock-in. The ASB hosted event gave seniors the opportunity to spend time with their classmates after school while also receiving vital information in regards to Grad Night and the infamous Senior Package. 

After getting pizza and a drink, the Seniors took a seat and waited for a 2020 ASB member to pass out this year’s Senior Package. Senior Jareri Zarate mentioned sheepishly that some things she’s worried about are, “Payments. Nothing specific, but just making sure to pay everything on time.” 

Senior year is often called the most expensive year of high school and it’s clear to see why. With caps, gowns, Grad Night tickets, class jewelry/apparel, tickets for dances, and even tassels, expenses can add up and be overwhelming. Josten’s gave the seniors a presentation about the graduation accessories which also included different package options of different values to best accommodate the preference of the student and their budgets.

Izabel Vazquez
With the aid of seniors America Hernandez and Isaura Renteria, Kaylani Morales contemplatively studies the Senior Package paperwork.

Despite the hefty dues of senior year, the afternoon was filled with excitement and positive energy. Following the Josten’s presentation, a representative from Universal Studios Hollywood spoke to the senior class about their Grad Bash, which includes access to the whole park, silent discos, and festival style dance parties. 

The event ended with different games for the seniors to play. The winners were able to receive a discount off of their total Senior Package price. For those who weren’t selected to participate in the game, they cheered and showed their classmates support at the last lock-in of their high school career. 

2020 class adviser, Mrs. Porter, stood at the front of the MPR as the seniors made their way through the double maroon doors. She smiled sheepishly as she thought about the senior class and mentioned that, “They’re fun. They understand my sarcasm and we joke around; they’re so much fun.”

Izabel Vazquez
As her group of friends cheer for her from the tables of the MPR, senior Elyzza Rodriguez giggles and tries to maintain focus on the game.

With about 160 days of high school left, the seniors are wished the best of luck and success now and in their future endeavors.