Middle School Girls vs. High School Girls Soccer


Cecil Foster

The two players who stood out from the middle school vs high school girls soccer game.

Cecil Foster, Journalist

On Thursday, May 16th the middle school girls soccer team challenged the high school girls varsity team to a 60 minute game.

With middle school girls kicking off first, they had good touches and possession in the first five minutes. As time went on, the high school girls regained their possession and scored the first goal- a goal by sophomore Ariana Wisconowhice.

Seeing the middle school girls were struggling, the coach, Jorge, came in to help out the girls and give high school a challenge. After coach showed up, the middle school girls got their groove and kept up with the high school girls. Coach Jorge managed to get past the high school girls and up seventh grader Isabella Gomez for a wide open goal, this was the first of 2 for her. Once the high school team realized their coach came to play, they got their head in the game and managed to score a few more goals making the score 4-1 after the first half.

As the second half came, the high school girls were ready to end the game and go up by a few more goals. The half started off with a few fancy passes by junior Audrina Menchaca, to set up her teammate, Leila Sandoval for a goal which was the first of 3 for her.

As the game got out of hand, so did the weather, so it made the game tougher to play. The high school girls started to play around with the middle school girls to give them a chance to score, kicking the ball all the way back to their goalie, Diya Patel, and once she had the ball she would dribble the ball as far as she could without getting the ball taken away.

Once the game, junior Evelyse Padilla basked in the afterglow, “I enjoyed seeing where the middle school are at skill wise and to show them what they can improve on.”

Overall, the game was a great experience for both teams as it helped them improve their game skills.