Romeo and Juliet Movie Night, An Enjoyable Experience


Javier Ortega

Everyone enjoyed the movie and they continued to smile and laugh even when the movie ended.

Javier Ortega, Journalist

On Thursday, May 16, freshman students were invited to come watch a showing of the movie Romeo and Juliet.  This event, which was hosted by Mr. Petersen, started at 6 pm. Students, some of which were wearing their pjs, were allowed to bring in their own food and blankets.

At the beginning of the showing, the room was empty.  Eventually, more students started to pour in. All students seemed to have enjoyed this event, as they all sat next to their friends and were talking, laughing, and sharing food with one another.

At one point in the showing, Mr. Petersen had to stop the movie because of some starburst candy being thrown at each other. Mr. Petersen told the crowd, “I do this event for you guys because I believe that UP kids aren’t able to be kids. You guys can wear any clothes you choose, bring in food, blankets and enjoy yourselves. You guys can do whatever you want, go on your phones if you’d like.”  

After this, it was clear to all that Mr. Peterson was holding this event simply so that students could enjoy an opportunity to be at school and enjoy the company of their friends in a non-academic setting. Students returned to watching the movie without any future incidents. When the movie finally ended, students volunteered to help clean up Mr. Petersen’s room and helped put the furniture back in place. Students were visibly happy to have attended, as kids had smiles on their faces.

Ashley Fuentes said “I had a great time with my friends. It was amazing.” Lauren Torno said, “I’m surprised about the changes in the movie, but it was exciting to see the new ideas here and there.” She added. “The movie flowed a little too fast and they could have focused more on the details.”

In the end, everyone had a great time and would gladly do it again.