Military and Its Viability


Jazmyn Davis

Daniel Martinez, Taji Williams, Anahi De La Mora, and Luis Leon will all be going to the Army for training in the summer.

Luis Leon, Editor

The future isn’t always set in stone. Everyday offers new possibilities. For some, the future looks like college and graduating but for others, the future looks military.

Among those who are pursuing military:

  • Filiberto De Santiago Army Reserve/Dixie State University
  • Mercy Duenas U.S. Army Reserve/Irvine Valley College
  • Dain Guzman U.S. Army
  • Antonio Hernandez U.S. Army
  • Brenda Jacobo US Army/Barstow Community College
  • Foster Jung U.S. Army
  • Luis Armando Leon-Alvarez U.S. Army Reserve
  • Christian Magno U.S. Army
  • Daniel Martinez Orellana U.S. Army
  • Giovanni Dimitri Munoz U.S. Army
  • Jose Luis Pineda U.S. Army
  • Sahira Solis U.S. Army
  • Taji A. Williams U.S. Army Reserve/CSU San Bernardino
  • Jose B. Flores U.S. Navy
  • Lillian Lampreht U.S. Navy
  • Diamond Moncrease U.S. Air Force

Among the list are Anahi De La Mora and Taji Williams- both 2019 seniors that have joined the Army Reserve.

Both have similar thoughts on whether the military was an option worth exploring. Taji explains “Its a viable option because there’s benefits!” Williams shared. “You can still go to college as they help pay for it.” For example, William earned 40 thousand dollars to help pay for tuition and other expenses and Anahi also got a bonus totaling 12 thousand.

They explain that joining the military helps a lot. That it gives you experience and it gives a lot of job options to chose from- from being a Parachute Rigger to being a Human Resources Specialist, the military has a wide range of field to specialize in. All the jobs in the military have opportunities out in the civilian world too, so you have skills to take when you get out of the military.

Both seem to think that the military is a viable option and it seems to be. Military can help you with many things like college and your everyday life. It teaches you discipline and it can help you grow as a person.

To those who have chosen this as an option, congratulations on such an honorable decision.