National Day of Prayer: Love One Another


Member of Jags for Christ stand around the flag heads bowed in prayer.

Shania Williams Banks, Editor

There was an announcement about it on the intercom and there were people standing around the flag outside hand in hand and their heads bowed after school. What were they doing and what does any of it mean?

The first Thursday of May every year is the National Day of Prayer. A day where people around the world all come together to pray. People can pray for whatever they wish to. Some pray for good health for their family and country, others can pray for good fortune and happiness.

Sometimes National Day of Prayer has a theme to help us all feel a little more united in our prayer. According to the National Day of Prayer website, this year’s theme was to love one another. Though, the theme doesn’t have to be followed, as you can pray for whatever you want. It’s simply a day for everyone to pray together.

People from all strokes of life can pray about different things. For example, Mr.Salazar, the advisor of the club Jags for Christ, says he prays for “Our school, safety, and happiness” and “for our students to be free of stress.”

The National Day of Prayer is a very important day to many people. People like Dorothy Alvarado, the President of Jags for Christ calls it “a day of unification, a day for everyone to come together and pray.”

No matter what you believe in it’s always important to, as the theme says, love one each other.

“Love one another. Just as I have loved you.” John 13:34.