Cadet Corps IMA’s


Barbara Caballero

7th grader Riley Balmaceda and LTC Monsalve both show off the awards won at the IMA's.

Luis Leon, Editor

On May 4th, 2019, the California Cadet Corp’s state yearly Individual Major Awards or IMA’s for short took place at San Luis Obispo.

One particular cadet, seventh grader Riley Balmaceda, went to the event as the only competitor from our school’s 276th battalion. He went not knowing that he would bring back the 1st place award in the junior division (which is reserved for middle school competitors).

He states, “I was super nervous, especially since there was plenty of competition for the best. I thought I for sure had at least 2nd place.”  His hard work payed off as he brought back a 1st place plaque and a trophy for the school, “I got very anxious, and I was very happy for all the people who placed.”

Although he won, he said that there were stuff that he didn’t know, like CPR and the different things the human body needs. The 276th battalion was surprised when he came back with 1st place as no one in the class was expected to go as there was some scheduling problems.

The trophy is now being proudly presenting at the front office for all to see.