Jr. Lady Jags Compete Against the Titans


Alex Arreola

The ball is carried by the wind as Angela Battess (#3) and Leslie Aguayo (#21) anticipate the fall.

Alex Arreola, Journalist

On May 9th, 2019, the Jr. Lady Jags had a soccer game against the Titans of Melva Davis. It was very windy throughout the game, which made it much colder than expected, and it was little more difficult to keep control of the ball.

When asked how she felt the wind affected the game play, seventh grader Isabel Hidalgo (#11) replied with, “The wind and coldness changed the whole game. It’s harder to breathe and get control of the ball, but once you get a hold of it, it’s easier.”

In the first half of the game, no goals were scored for either team. There were many attempts to make goals, but the goalies on both teams made sure to keep the ball out of the goal. As time passed, the wind intensified, which didn’t help any of the players. The ball was mostly carried by the wind and their movements were restricted by how powerful the gusts were.

In the second half of the game, the Titans fought very hard, but the Lady Jags came out victorious, scoring two goals through the duration of the second half.

The final score of the game was 2-0; the Lady Jags took the win and ended with both teams giving each other high fives to demonstrate good sportsmanship.